How to Apply & Selection Procedures

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 18 years or older
  • Read, write and speak the english language
  • Completed application & required documents – as described below
  • Ability to pass evauluation day

Apprenticeship applications:

  • Will be accepted in person only monday – friday, 9 am-3 pm
  • Applications must be filled out and submitted to the apprenticeship office by the person applying on application day
  • Applicants must provide and have in-hand original required documents (listed below) when submitting an application:
    • Valid drivers license
    • Proof of legal employment status (such as a ss card)
    • Proof of dependable transportation (such as a vehicle registration)
    • Resume
    • Dd214 (veterans only)
  • Again, all applicants must have these documents in hand to apply in person that day. We cannot print out emailed documents for you.

Applicants wishing to receive scoring credit for education, military service or previous experience must provide supporting documentation at the time of application
(supporting documents include: hs diploma, ged, college transcipts, trade school, dd214, w-2’s, paystubs from previous construction experience, professional letters of recommendation, or welding certifications).

  • Applicants must keep their address current and will be notified by mail for a minimum qualification screening day based upon the score and date of application
  • Applications will be kept on file for 2 years. You must reapply to remain on the list.

Evaluation Day

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate skills and ability during this event.   Physical ability is emphasized because an ironworker must be able to perform rigorous manual labor.  Proper attire on this day is required and includes work clothes (long pants), boots and work gloves.  Following are some of the tasks you may be asked to perform:

  • Walk a beam at 14 ft elevation
  • Hoist a 50 pound bucket with a rope while standing on the beam
  • Pick up and carry 75 pounds of rebar
  • Tie rebar using pliers and wire/number of snap ties per minute
  • Tie fiber rope knots:  bowline, clove hitch, square knot, sheet bend and vertical rig.
  • Measure structural shapes to within 1/16 inch

You can see clips of these tasks and knot tutorials on our youtube channel 86evaluation (use the channel search box).

This is a pass/fail event.  Applicants who pass this event are required to attend a 5-day safety orientation class prior to going to work.

Failure to attend, pass or complete either of these events will invalidate your application and you must reapply if you are still interested in our program.

Safety orientation class

This course will further test your physical ability and expand on the work of an ironworker. Part of this course will be taught in the classroom where there will be homework assigned and tests given. A combination of physical tasks, classroom study, a final test, and a drug test, will determine your acceptance into this apprenticeship.

During the orientation, applicants must be prepared to join the union. The initiation fee ($100) and union dues ($40) are payable by debit, credit or money order only.

Upon completion of your orientation, you must be available and prepared to go to work.