The Original 4-year Degree

Apprenticeship is a valued system and an excellent way to learn skills and develop a career while earning a livable wage with Health Care Benefits, Pension, Annuity, and Paid Time Off (PTO).

Ironworkers erect the structural framework for high rise buildings, bridges, power plants and towers. They also place reinforcing steel in concrete forms for roadways, foundations, and structures. Welding, ornamental, rigging and machinery moving are also a part of this trade.

Apprentices must be able to perform the rigorous manual labor required by the trade and have a natural ability to work safely at high elevations with a good sense of balance.
Apprentices who complete the 1-day physical evaluation and who are accepted into the apprenticeship will be required to complete a 1-week (Unpaid) safety orientation prior to being dispatched to a job. There will also be a $100 Union Registration fee and $40 dollars for first month’s dues.