About Us

The Work We Do

Reinforcing and post-tensioning Ironworkers fabricate and place steel and composite bars in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures.  Reinforcing Ironworkers also install post-tension tendons (cables). These cables are placed in concrete along with reinforcing steel.

Structural Ironworkers unload, erect and connect  fabricated steel members to form the skeleton of a structure.  Structural Ironworkers work on the construction of industrial,    commercial, and large residential buildings as well as on towers, bridges, stadiums and prefabricated metal buildings

Ornamental Ironworkers install metal windows into openings of a building.  They also erect the curtain wall and window wall systems that cover the steel or reinforced concrete structure of a building.  In addition to working on the skin of a building, ornamental Ironworkers also install and erect metal stairways, ladders, doors, railings and fencing.


Structural, Reinforcing, Ornamental and Rigging Ironworkers all perform welding to secure their work to the  structure.  All welders must be certified by a recognized agency to weld on a construction site.